Month: September 2017

Love-hate relationship with Halloween? Five essential tips to make you love it!

Love-hate relationship with Halloween I had a love-hate relationship with Halloween when my children were little. I LOVED the dressing up, pumpkin soup, meeting friends and of course sweets. I HATED rain, organising costumes, tired children who wouldn’t get up for school the next morning and, inevitably, too many sweets. Anyway, love it or hate it, it’s around the corner. This year Halloween falls on a Tuesday – lovely! There is a general rule that if you want to get involved, you leave something like a pumpkin outside your house as a sign that you are happy for trick or...

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What’s so great about adult sticker books?

Adult sticker books – You’re never too old for a sticker book! An adult friend of mine recently showed me her new adult sticker book. I thought sticker books were for small children, but she has proved me wrong. These sticker by number books are satisfying, absorbing and very relaxing. They are also quite intricate so great for older children and adults. The books work with numbered shapes on each design, and corresponding numbered stickers from a separate chart. This process creates a surprisingly sophisticated picture with a mosaic/collage effect. Helpful to relieve stress or anxiety Creating these sticking...

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The Mongol Rally – A Risk Worth Taking

Last spring a friend of mine sent me a link to The Mongol Rally website. About an hour later we had decided that the following year, four of us would be driving a tiny car a 3rd of the way around the planet to Mongolia. It sounds crazy but having just returned from finishing the challenge, it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. That sounds stupid, dangerous and my mum would be worried sick The Mongol Rally is an event that sees over 300 teams of adventurers driving from England to Mongolia for charity. There...

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Learning to Drive Comes at What Cost?

When my children were little, other parents would say to me – ‘enjoy it while they are young. This is the easy bit!’ How I laughed! Not for one minute did I believe them – this simply couldn’t be the EASY bit? Surely? But it turns out they were right. They were wiser than me, and they knew that when your children are tucked up in bed after, albeit a physically exhausting day, you know where they are and you decide what they do. Then they get older. And then they want to go out. And then they want...

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