Month: October 2017

Happiness is writing a list – confessions of a control freak

As a borderline control freak, I’m happiest when I’m organised Organising is what you do before you do something, so that when you do it, it is not all mixed up.” – A. A. Milne Ok, so I may not be an actual ‘control freak’ but I am at my happiest when I’m organised to within an inch of my life. I understand that this is not cool, interesting or sexy but I like the feeling of being in complete and utter control. I respond best to clear boundaries. I like a good set of rules and regulations to...

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Why I hate Instagram

Social media and its influence on body image I have two daughters who are big social media fans. My son isn’t, thankfully, but I know from my nephews that boys are affected too. I have always been concerned about the influences around my children to do with body image and self-esteem, but unfortunately, parents do not have as much control over these influences anymore. With the growth and impact of social media, we have lost the ability to protect them like we used to. But recently I have watched and learned and I can tell you for certain that...

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What do you buy a young musician?

Music is just IN you. You can tell from quite an early age if a child is musical and it is even easier to tell if they are not – believe me! So although all three of my children love listening to music and have dabbled with the odd instrument with a varied amount of success, my eldest has a complete passion for the subject. He loves everything musical, from pop to a good symphony and is studying it at university. So what do you buy for a child who loves music? I have searched for some music based gift...

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Keeping the family happy and safe this Bonfire Night

For me, the sheer smell of Bonfire Night takes me right back to my childhood. Thick smoke lingering in the bitterly cold night air, the gunpowder smell of rockets whistling past. But my all time favourite smell is that of a sparkler. I used to love signing my name in mid-air over and over again until the spitting, dancing white flames fizzled out leaving just the faintest hint of my name hanging in the air. Bonfire Party Marking the 5th November is always a great date to celebrate; you can do as much or as little as you like!...

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What do you buy a child who enjoys the great outdoors?

My children have always enjoyed the great outdoors: ice creams in the summer, kicking leaves in the autumn, jumping in puddles during the winter and seeing the wildlife around them in the spring. Both my daughter and son have belonged to the Rainbows, Brownies, Beavers and Cubs where they have enjoyed taking part in activities such as night hikes, camping, fishing and treasure hunting. Most recently they took part in a bat walk which caused much excitement exploring their surroundings in the dark! Happily, there are some great gifts and ideas to support any child who enjoys being at...

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