Adult sticker books – You’re never too old for a sticker book!

An adult friend of mine recently showed me her new adult sticker book. I thought sticker books were for small children, but she has proved me wrong. These sticker by number books are satisfying, absorbing and very relaxing. They are also quite intricate so great for older children and adults. The books work with numbered shapes on each design, and corresponding numbered stickers from a separate chart. This process creates a surprisingly sophisticated picture with a mosaic/collage effect.

Helpful to relieve stress or anxiety

Animetrics adult sticker book Creating these sticking pictures is great for stress and anxiety, for travel as a boredom buster or simply a lovely hobby. Choose from Travel, Music Icons, Birds and Masterpieces amongst others. My friend recommends the Animetrics book, which creates beautifully detailed portraits of animals. There are also plenty of similar sticker-by-number books for younger children.


Adult sticker books are going to be the mindfulness trend of the year

Look Magazine is predicting that we will see a lot of people embracing more mindful and relaxing hobbies. The mindful movement has already begun with the growth of adult sticker books that are selling like hot-cakes. The last few years have seen a rise in the whole genre of colouring books for adults that feature all sorts of designs meant to relax, engage and enrich the mind. Adult sticker books are an extension of this. Read more about the rising trend of adult sticker books

Adult sticker books could be the new colouring book

It wasn’t long ago that adult colouring books were everywhere so it was only a matter of time before grown-ups cushioned themselves further from reality with adult sticker books. Paint-by-sticker books for adults include titles dedicated to Beyoncé, Madonna, David Bowie, and Prince, as well as intricate mandalas and the Mona Lisa. Similarly to adult colouring books, the designs look sophisticated but hark back to a popular childhood pastime. Read how adult stickers books are now more popular than colouring books

Unusual presents for Music lovers to Bird Watchers!

If you’re struggling for present ideas and you know an adult who’s into their crafts, then think about an adult paint by sticker book. Pair your choice of sticker book with something else they love such as music, nature or travel there’s an ever-expanding selection you can find online paint-by-sticker-book