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Author: Lynne

Gifford Circus – A circus like no other

Giffords Circus – A real treat Every year since my daughter was two years old, (she is now 11) her grandparents have treated the family to tickets to see Giffords Circus. And it is a treat. Giffords is unlike any circus I remember as a child. The tent is a very intimate performance space which allows the audience to immerse themselves completely in the story unfolding before their eyes. There is a live, quirky band who accompany the action at all times. The music sets the pace and enhances the overall magical atmosphere. This year has been no different,...

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Sensory play for children – the slimy way!

SLIME is great for sensory play and children love it but it’s taking over my life! I have an 11-year-old daughter which means that currently, slime has taken over my entire kitchen! When I open the fridge door, I am met with handwritten notes instructing me to “Please do not touch” and “Slime needs to be kept airtight.” COOKING UP THE SLIME Homemade slime seems to have taken on a life of its own in ordinary kitchens across the country. Blue slime, green slime, gooey slime, scented slime and my all time favourite glittery slime. The one thing they all...

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Make a spectacle of yourself!

I love that when I hug my children, they creak ever so slightly due to their glass getting squashed in the process! DOES MY CHILD NEED GLASSES? Both my children have worn glasses from a very young age. My daughter from the age of four and my son the age of three. Before my daughter was prescribed glasses I hadn’t noticed anything unusual about her vision; no squinting, no headaches and she didn’t complain of any blurriness. It wasn’t until she had a routine examination at primary school, along with the rest of her class, that her long-sightedness was...

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Starting secondary school doesn’t need to be a drama

And so it begins……STARTING SECONDARY SCHOOL Having spent a very happy seven years at a small, caring village primary school, my 11-year-old daughter is about to embark on the next exciting but slightly terrifying stage of her life, she will be starting secondary school. She feels ready to begin a new chapter and is looking forward to meeting new people, but her biggest worry is that she will get lost in such a big environment. There are have been several things that her future secondary school and I as a parent have done to prepare her for the changes and...

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