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Wrapped in cotton wool is good, but not too tight!

For me, bringing up children is like taking off on a plane. It’s that uneasy sensation when the wheels first leave the runway and although your head says it will almost certainly be fine, the pit of your stomach says otherwise. Wrapping my children in cotton wool or rather just keeping them safe has always been uppermost in my thoughts. I consider myself a worrier and have always been risk-averse, but I am fully aware of it and don’t think I have done my children any long-term damage. I also don’t think I am that unusual these days. So,...

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Do you suffer from the back to school blues?

Going back to school after the long, lazy, summer holidays is always tricky. The pace of life has slowed, mornings have become part of the previous night and homework is but a distant memory. I absolutely hate the last week of the summer holidays. We are nearly out of it in our house with only one child left in school, but I still get that inevitable mood slump as the end approaches. It is like the ‘Sunday afternoon’ feeling but somuch worse. Bringing back memories of our own childhood I think many parents feel it too. Firstly, because they...

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Fidget Spinners – why the controversy?

Many children with attention disorders find it difficult to sit still for any length of time. In a traditional classroom setting, this is often expected, and any fidgeting is discouraged. As you may know or can imagine, this can be a very challenging environment for a child with an attention disorder, often resulting in anxiety or disciplinary consequences if not managed properly, making school life very difficult. At the school where I work, we allowed Fidget Spinners for children with attention disorders, autism and anxiety. Unfortunately, they soon became popular with the students without an attention disorder, and so we...

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A tale as old as time is as charming as ever

If you have children, you will probably have watched the animated Disney version of Beauty and the Beast at some point. I did about 30 times some ten years ago (it was released in 1991) and we all loved it, although my son was frightened of the Beast for a long time. The songs were brilliant, especially the one with Gaston and the story is exciting but charming. Now Disney has released the new non-animated version with Emma Watson as Belle, and it is easily as wonderful, if not better. Overall, it has stuck to the original version, with...

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He DOESN’T like football?

 My husband never liked football as a child and so never wanted to play it with our son. I am sure if he had asked then he would have given it a go, but he didn’t. In fact, he made it quite clear he thought it was daft and had plenty of other interests to keep him occupied.   But I know in some situations – new school, birthday parties and so on – there were times when he wished he did. One of the boys would undoubtedly bring a football and they would all charge outside. My son...

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