If you have children, you will probably have watched the animated Disney version of Beauty and the Beast at some point. I did about 30 times some ten years ago (it was released in 1991) and we all loved it, although my son was frightened of the Beast for a long time. The songs were brilliant, especially the one with Gaston and the story is exciting but charming.

Now Disney has released the new non-animated version with Emma Watson as Belle, and it is easily as wonderful, if not better. Overall, it has stuck to the original version, with a few changes for the better. In the old version, Chip has a cupboard full of brothers and sisters, but in this version, he’s an only child although still just as sweet.
They have kept the brilliant old songs and added some new.

There is some perfect casting and a lot of very good humour for the older viewer. I think most children of any age would love it. I watched it with my husband when the kids were out, so I include adults in that! Highly recommended.

It is out now on DVD from Amazon and is available on most movie streaming platforms.

Let us know what you all thought and any other films you think might go down well!

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Beauty and the beast 2017Beauty and the Beast DVD

Available from Amazon for £10 with free delivery in the UK. Staring Emma Watson, voices of Ewan McGregor as Lumière, Emma Thompson as Mrs. Potts and Dan Stevens as the Beast.

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