As a female myself who grew up with a sister, it felt very odd when I became mum to a baby boy. Everything was new, in more ways than one, and watching a child charge excitedly to the window when the rubbish truck drove by took a bit of getting used to. I realised early on that some boys saw the world in a slightly different way – nothing major – just what they enjoyed and what they chose to play with.

But very quickly it became the norm to carry a selection of toy cars in my handbag and know my way around the cabin of a steam train.

Today I have a lovely 22-year old son with big feet. Internally he is much the same. He has taught me to be patient and calm. He has gone off trains (although not completely but that’s between him and me). He is easy to love and yet at the same time so laid back he can drive me to insanity. Of course, I know this is not a ‘boy’ trait – he just happens to be a boy – but this is my story. The one about my daughters? Well there are two completely different stories!


We would love to hear your tales of becoming a parent and what has stood out for you, however big or small.