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Do you suffer from the back to school blues?

Going back to school after the long, lazy, summer holidays is always tricky. The pace of life has slowed, mornings have become part of the previous night and homework is but a distant memory. I absolutely hate the last week of the summer holidays. We are nearly out of it in our house with only one child left in school, but I still get that inevitable mood slump as the end approaches. It is like the ‘Sunday afternoon’ feeling but somuch worse. Bringing back memories of our own childhood I think many parents feel it too. Firstly, because they...

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Fidget Spinners – why the controversy?

Many children with attention disorders find it difficult to sit still for any length of time. In a traditional classroom setting, this is often expected, and any fidgeting is discouraged. As you may know or can imagine, this can be a very challenging environment for a child with an attention disorder, often resulting in anxiety or disciplinary consequences if not managed properly, making school life very difficult. At the school where I work, we allowed Fidget Spinners for children with attention disorders, autism and anxiety. Unfortunately, they soon became popular with the students without an attention disorder, and so we...

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Results Day is Looming, be prepared to be supportive.

Results Day 2017 is just around the corner. AS and A2 level results are released to pupils on the 17th August and GCSE results on the 24th August. Results day stress! Results day can be stressful for many students (although a few lucky ones take it in their stride). If your child is anxious and places a lot of importance on these results, then ensure they are prepared for every eventuality. Childline have a lovely page about dealing with your results and what to do if you feel unhappy with them – Visit Childline ‘…….. whatever happens there are...

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Starting secondary school doesn’t need to be a drama

And so it begins……STARTING SECONDARY SCHOOL Having spent a very happy seven years at a small, caring village primary school, my 11-year-old daughter is about to embark on the next exciting but slightly terrifying stage of her life, she will be starting secondary school. She feels ready to begin a new chapter and is looking forward to meeting new people, but her biggest worry is that she will get lost in such a big environment. There are have been several things that her future secondary school and I as a parent have done to prepare her for the changes and...

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University essentials – the bits you don’t know until they go.

This day was NEVER meant to come! I vividly remember the moment my eldest found out he had got into university. We were on holiday and waiting for the UCAS website to open. When the results came in we jumped about with relief, disbelief, part surprise and pride, but after the initial wave of excitement, I began to feel a rather new and uneasy sensation creep through me. Slowly I realised that this amazing news meant he would be leaving home in a few weeks’ time. My little boy. This day was NEVER meant to come. But some seriously...

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