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Online boredom busters for curious minds

Free online boredom busters I’ve always had an interest in the way the universe works from quite a young age. To quench my thirst for fun and mind-blowing facts I found a few great channels on YouTube that create videos providing a fantastic way to procrastinate but learn at the same time. I’ve been a fan of these creators since I was in my early teens and I continue to love watching them in my early 20s! 1. Minute Physics The clue is in the title! Minute Physics make short physics videos accompanied by stop-motion drawing animations to make...

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What do you give a young space enthusiast for Christmas?

Space, the final frontier…..what do you buy a child who wants to be an astronaut? We asked some young space enthusiasts what they wanted for Christmas this year. It’s impossible to look down on Earth from space and not be mesmerised by the fragile beauty of our planet – Tim Peake Just a note – most of these recommendations are for older children (except the last two which are suitable for ANY age)! Hello, is this planet Earth?: My View from the International Space Station This is the first official Tim Peake book from 2016. An excellent book for...

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What do you buy a bookworm? 5 Ideas to inspire

It's sometimes difficult to know what to buy a bookworm. Most children that love to read will already have many books on their bookshelves. Understanding what they're 'into' is always a good start. Do they like wizards, Willy Wonka or Wimpy Kids? What type of book do they most enjoy and which ones have they already read?  Another challenge when choosing a book as a gift can be matching the age of a child with an appropriate level of reading. Often a child’s reading age does not match their actual age! If you're still struggling with what book to...

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What do you buy a reluctant reader?

Some adults like reading and some don’t. It’s the same with children, except adults don’t have to read if they don’t want to, but children do (ideally until they become as confident as they can). But if a child is a reluctant reader because they find it difficult or because they simply don’t enjoy reading, there are plenty of alternatives to books that may not seem so daunting, and at the end of the day, reading is reading no matter what form it comes in. So, what do you buy a reluctant reader? = Comics - Buy Now Reading comics...

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Book Tokens are Alive and Kicking

BOOKWORM KIDS LOVE BOOK TOKENS My children are lucky enough to have generous family members who give book tokens as gifts on a regular basis. Both children like to save these tokens up until they have a healthy stash to splurge. This allows them to spend hours in the warm, cosy bookshop leafing through the vast array of books piled high shelf upon the shelf. With every page turned there is the opportunity to meet new characters and explore strange worlds. A good BOOKSHOP is just a genteel BLACK HOLE that knows how to READ – Terry Pratchett A TRIP TO...

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