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Gifford Circus – A circus like no other

Giffords Circus – A real treat Every year since my daughter was two years old, (she is now 11) her grandparents have treated the family to tickets to see Giffords Circus. And it is a treat. Giffords is unlike any circus I remember as a child. The tent is a very intimate performance space which allows the audience to immerse themselves completely in the story unfolding before their eyes. There is a live, quirky band who accompany the action at all times. The music sets the pace and enhances the overall magical atmosphere. This year has been no different,...

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Do you suffer from the back to school blues?

Going back to school after the long, lazy, summer holidays is always tricky. The pace of life has slowed, mornings have become part of the previous night and homework is but a distant memory. I absolutely hate the last week of the summer holidays. We are nearly out of it in our house with only one child left in school, but I still get that inevitable mood slump as the end approaches. It is like the ‘Sunday afternoon’ feeling but somuch worse. Bringing back memories of our own childhood I think many parents feel it too. Firstly, because they...

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Are festivals a good idea for teenagers?

What is the obsession with festivals? There seems to be one every weekend during the summer and teenagers everywhere think nothing of paying hundreds of pounds for three days in a tent, possibly not even bothering to move to the stage to see a band, which they may or may not like. They used to be a rarity. You would save to go to the one festival where the line-up included at least a couple of your favourite bands. It seems to be only in the last five years or so that we have all gone festival crazy. Don’t...

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Make a spectacle of yourself!

I love that when I hug my children, they creak ever so slightly due to their glass getting squashed in the process! DOES MY CHILD NEED GLASSES? Both my children have worn glasses from a very young age. My daughter from the age of four and my son the age of three. Before my daughter was prescribed glasses I hadn’t noticed anything unusual about her vision; no squinting, no headaches and she didn’t complain of any blurriness. It wasn’t until she had a routine examination at primary school, along with the rest of her class, that her long-sightedness was...

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Results Day is Looming, be prepared to be supportive.

Results Day 2017 is just around the corner. AS and A2 level results are released to pupils on the 17th August and GCSE results on the 24th August. Results day stress! Results day can be stressful for many students (although a few lucky ones take it in their stride). If your child is anxious and places a lot of importance on these results, then ensure they are prepared for every eventuality. Childline have a lovely page about dealing with your results and what to do if you feel unhappy with them – Visit Childline ‘…….. whatever happens there are...

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