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Category: Fun things for kids

Gifford Circus – A circus like no other

Giffords Circus – A real treat Every year since my daughter was two years old, (she is now 11) her grandparents have treated the family to tickets to see Giffords Circus. And it is a treat. Giffords is unlike any circus I remember as a child. The tent is a very intimate performance space which allows the audience to immerse themselves completely in the story unfolding before their eyes. There is a live, quirky band who accompany the action at all times. The music sets the pace and enhances the overall magical atmosphere. This year has been no different,...

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Sensory play for children – the slimy way!

SLIME is great for sensory play and children love it but it’s taking over my life! I have an 11-year-old daughter which means that currently, slime has taken over my entire kitchen! When I open the fridge door, I am met with handwritten notes instructing me to “Please do not touch” and “Slime needs to be kept airtight.” COOKING UP THE SLIME Homemade slime seems to have taken on a life of its own in ordinary kitchens across the country. Blue slime, green slime, gooey slime, scented slime and my all time favourite glittery slime. The one thing they all...

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A tale as old as time is as charming as ever

If you have children, you will probably have watched the animated Disney version of Beauty and the Beast at some point. I did about 30 times some ten years ago (it was released in 1991) and we all loved it, although my son was frightened of the Beast for a long time. The songs were brilliant, especially the one with Gaston and the story is exciting but charming. Now Disney has released the new non-animated version with Emma Watson as Belle, and it is easily as wonderful, if not better. Overall, it has stuck to the original version, with...

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Unicorn sightings are not as rare as they used to be!

Unicorns sightings are on the increase, they are everywhere. They have achieved a wonderful new status, which is up there with Pokemon and fairies.  “Always be yourself. Unless you can be a unicorn….then always be a unicorn!” - Jaime Murray  Unicorn sightings are up this year! Children of all ages adore them and they exist in every shape and size, from inflatables to teapots to lip balm (Lynne’s daughter’s favourite unicorn item at present) to colour changing bath plugs. I used to read my daughter some wonderful books at bedtime called My Secret Unicorn, by Linda Chapman. There are about...

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