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Book Tokens are alive and kicking

BOOKWORM KIDS LOVE BOOK TOKENS My children are lucky enough to have generous family members who give book tokens as gifts on a regular basis. Both children like to save these tokens up until they have a healthy stash to splurge. This allows them to spend hours in the warm, cosy bookshop leafing through the vast array of books piled high shelf upon the shelf. With every page turned there is the opportunity to meet new characters and explore strange worlds. A good BOOKSHOP is just a genteel BLACK HOLE that knows how to READ – Terry Pratchett A TRIP TO...

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Gender equality – can the toys we play with make a difference

“…the brain is a plastic organ, shaped and moulded by experiences, in which childhood is key.” GENDER EQUALITY – NATURE VERSUS NURTURE Having two children of different genders, I have always been interested in and fascinated by the way they play, learn and develop with the hope we’re providing them with an environment that nurtures gender equality. However, I often worry that much of what influences our children’s gender perceptions may be more subtle.  My husband and I naturally role model equality in our own relationship and I have always been aware of “girls’ toys” and “boys’ toys” and tried...

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Love-hate relationship with Halloween? Five essential tips to make you love it!

Love-hate relationship with Halloween I had a love-hate relationship with Halloween when my children were little. I LOVED the dressing up, pumpkin soup, meeting friends and of course sweets. I HATED rain, organising costumes, tired children who wouldn’t get up for school the next morning and, inevitably, too many sweets. Anyway, love it or hate it, it’s around the corner. This year Halloween falls on a Tuesday – lovely! There is a general rule that if you want to get involved, you leave something like a pumpkin outside your house as a sign that you are happy for trick or...

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What’s so great about adult sticker books?

Adult sticker books – You’re never too old for a sticker book! An adult friend of mine recently showed me her new adult sticker book. I thought sticker books were for small children, but she has proved me wrong. These sticker by number books are satisfying, absorbing and very relaxing. They are also quite intricate so great for older children and adults. The books work with numbered shapes on each design, and corresponding numbered stickers from a separate chart. This process creates a surprisingly sophisticated picture with a mosaic/collage effect. Helpful to relieve stress or anxiety Creating these sticking...

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How to make a Harry Potter wand

Harry Potter wands and everything that goes with them!   Both of my children go crazy for anything Harry Potter, not just the wands! It is a very serious business. They have read the books several times over and go mad for the films, squealing with delight and hiding behind the sofa, (mostly from the romantic scenes rather than from the Death Eaters!) Magic has always captured their imaginations and they run around the house with their Harry Potter wands casting spells on each other and anyone else who gets in their way; “STUPEFY” “It’s wingardium leviOsa, not leviosAH.”...

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