Love-hate relationship with Halloween

I had a love-hate relationship with Halloween when my children were little. I LOVED the dressing up, pumpkin soup, meeting friends and of course sweets. I HATED rain, organising costumes, tired children who wouldn’t get up for school the next morning and, inevitably, too many sweets.

Anyway, love it or hate it, it’s around the corner. This year Halloween falls on a Tuesday – lovely!

There is a general rule that if you want to get involved, you leave something like a pumpkin outside your house as a sign that you are happy for trick or treaters to call, and if you don’t, they will leave you alone.
If you do take part, then there are some wonderful things to buy and do and some to avoid.

I have picked out a few important tips and must-haves for 2017

1. Trick or Treat Bags

Love hate relationship with Halloween

Halloween Personalised Trick Or Treat Gift Bag from NOT ON THE HIGH STREET

I love these personalised Trick or Treat bags to use year after year. Perfect for your own children and friends but also a lovely idea for a gift for a young godchild to use throughout their childhood.

2. Halloween Bunting

Love-Hate relationship Halloween

Bunting is pretty and fun anytime and anywhere, and I am happy to see you can now buy Halloween bunting to use year after year.

If you just want something quick and easy, then simple plastic bunting is great to use and very affordable.

3. Halloween Costumes

Love Hate Halloween - costumes

There is a vast range of costumes and accessories available at very good prices if you don’t want to make your own. You may only use them once, so I don’t think it is necessary to spend a lot of money. Tesco has a fantastic range of just about everything Halloween, as does Amazon.

4. Children with Diabetes – avoiding sugar

Having diabetes shouldn’t stop you joining in the fun. Diabetes UK has an excellent advice page for recipes and ways to do this. also offer some ideas for low sugar sweets and alternatives.

To buy an assortment of traditional sweets that are sugar-free I discovered this lovely website. I have not ordered the sugar-free range myself but it is worth a look if you are catering for someone on a sugar-free diet. It is called The Oldest Sweet Shop in England and the sugar-free range is apparently the best online! They source their boiled sweets in the UK from a manufacturer who uses proper copper pans and does not use the cheapest sweeteners. They say that you will not be able to tell the difference. Suitable for diabetics.

Sugar free jelly teddies

Sugar free jelly teddies from The Oldest Sweet Shop

Food colours linked to hyperactivity

Research has found a possible link between ADHD/problems with hyperactivity and some artificial food colourings. You probably already know that if your child struggles to concentrate, then it might help to cut down on colours in their diet. For more advice take a look at the NHS information page

5. Pumpkin Soup

Love-Hate relationship pumpkin soup

Once you have finished digging out the inside of your pumpkin, you can use the flesh to make a lovely soup.  This recipe from the BBC is VERY easy and consequently my favourite!

PLUS if you keep the seeds to one side you can make a delicious snack by laying them on a baking tray, with a sprinkling of salt, a splash of olive oil and then roasting them in the oven until they become slightly brown and crisp. The kids love them and cooking them creates a Halloween tradition they can do themselves.




Finally, PLEASE remember that if you buy a costume which is made of man-made fibres and net then be very careful around naked flames. There are highly flammable costumes STILL on sale three years after Claudia Winkleman’s daughter suffered severe burns when her Halloween costume caught alight incredibly quickly. Try and use battery powered candles wherever possible.