Unicorns sightings are on the increase, they are everywhere. They have achieved a wonderful new status, which is up there with Pokemon and fairies. 

“Always be yourself. Unless you can be a unicorn….then always be a unicorn!” - Jaime Murray 

Unicorn sightings are up this year! Children of all ages adore them and they exist in every shape and size, from inflatables to teapots to lip balm (Lynne’s daughter’s favourite unicorn item at present) to colour changing bath plugs.

I used to read my daughter some wonderful books at bedtime called My Secret Unicorn, by Linda Chapman. There are about 15 books in the series and are perfect for reading alone or sharing. They follow the story of a child who discovers that her pony turns into a unicorn at night and they are absolutely magical.

I have to agree that there is something very appealing about them, maybe because they are mystical and magical and I guess we all need a bit of that in our lives however old we are.

“Sleep is like the unicorn - it is rumoured to exist, but I doubt I will see any” - Dr. Seuss

What do you buy a child that loves unicorns

There are so many great unicorn themed gifts around at the moment for younger children,
these are just a few of our favourites

Inflatable unicorn sighted

Unicorn Colour changing bath plug

This miniature unicorn lights up the moment its stomach hits the water. From there it proceeds to cycle through an entire rainbow of colours making bath times more magical.

Inflatable unicorn sighted

Inflatable unicorn

These giant inflatables are everywhere at the moment. They are tiny before being inflated so are great to take away on holiday with you. My girls found them in Primark this year at a good price, or Amazon stock them. They come in many shapes and sizes from flamingo to avocado!

Unicorn teapot sighted

Unicorn Teapot

Add a little magic to your morning brew with this sweet unicorn tea pot. Bit different I thought!

Inflatable unicorn sighted

Unicorn Lipbalm

We get through a lot of lip balm in our house, and if you want a sweet little treat for a unicorn lover then a lip balm is always a winner. Lots to choose from.

my secret unicorn sighted

My Secret Unicorn books

My Secret Unicorn is a series of children’s books written by Linda Chapman. The series was first published between 2002 and 2007. The books feature the adventures of Lauren and her unicorn, Twilight, and their friends. You can buy them new on Amazon or look out for used copies for as little as 1 pence! (watch out for delivery costs though)